Data Analyst

  Data analysts are essential in any sector utilising data for business decisions. They operate across departments like finance, sales, HR, manufacturing, and marketing, in diverse fields such as retail, banking, media, and government. Their primary goal is to extract insights from data to solve problems and inform decisions. This involves various processes like requirement-gathering,… Continue reading Data Analyst

Marketing Manager

  Marketing is vital for businesses to meet customer needs with new products and services. The Marketing Manager develops and implements the marketing strategy, manages campaigns, tracks and reports data, manages budgets, approves creative development, and oversees stakeholder relationships. This role typically reports to a director and manages a team of Marketing Executives/Assistants. Job titles… Continue reading Marketing Manager

Digital Marketer (Integrated Degree)

  The Digital Marketer develops and implements a digital marketing strategy using various channels, responding to business opportunities and customer needs. They utilise content marketing, campaign management principles, and financial and analytical tools to deliver successful initiatives. Job titles may include Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Specialist, Content Marketing Executive, and others.   Why choose… Continue reading Digital Marketer (Integrated Degree)

Marketing Executive

  Marketing is vital for businesses to meet customer needs, involving researching, developing, promoting, and distributing products/services. Marketing roles exist within companies/agencies or internal teams. Marketing Executives work with Marketing Managers to plan and execute marketing activities. They manage channels, plan campaigns, produce materials, network, analyse research, achieve brand positioning, and organise events. They report… Continue reading Marketing Executive

Marketing Assistant

  Marketing Assistants are found in different sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, and their main task is to support customer-focused marketing efforts. They work in the Marketing team and play a vital role in implementing marketing strategies and plans. They collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, such as sales and customer insight teams, to… Continue reading Marketing Assistant

Healthcare Support Worker

  Healthcare Support Workers provide compassionate care in diverse settings like hospitals, General Practices, communities, and homes. They also serve in social care, taking on clinical responsibilities. With integrated health and social care services, their role is expanding. They assist with daily activities, monitor health conditions, and prepare individuals for procedures. They also handle non-clinical… Continue reading Healthcare Support Worker

Carpentry and Joinery

  Carpentry and Joinery level 2 involves working with wood to create and install building components on construction sites or in workshops. This occupation offers two options: Site Carpenter and Architectural Joiner. The former prepares and instals basic building components and structural carpentry, while the latter produces architectural products such as doors, windows, and staircases.… Continue reading Carpentry and Joinery

Leader in Adult Care

  The Leader in Adult Care oversees community or residential-based services and is responsible for implementing a values-based culture, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing risk. They guide and inspire care teams to make positive differences in the lives of those facing physical, practical, social, emotional, psychological, or intellectual challenges.  The leader in adult care role… Continue reading Leader in Adult Care