Dental Practice Manager

24 months
Level 4
Course Overview:


The Level 4 Dental Practice Manager course focuses on managing the non-clinical aspects of a dental practice to achieve excellent patient care, quality, cost, and delivery performance. The Practice Manager leads the team, providing support and direction to enhance staff performance, skills, and knowledge. This includes managing finances, human resources, marketing, and operations. The course aims to achieve cost efficiency and align with the practice’s strategy, goals, and values.


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Entry Requirements:

  • Apprentices without a level 2 qualification in English and maths must achieve this level before taking the End-Point Assessment.
  • For apprentices with an education, health, and care plan or a legacy statement, the minimum English and maths requirement is Entry Level 3.
  • For apprentices whose primary language is British Sign Language (BSL), a BSL qualification can be used as an alternative to the English qualification.


Benefits for Learner(s):

  • Gain a nationally recognized and accredited qualification
  • Earn while learning
  • Access high-quality learning and assessment materials for your employees
  • Receive bespoke support for high-quality “off the job” learning
  • Access support from a qualified assessor / tutor and a Learner Support Advisor (LSA) during scheduled check-ins throughout the apprenticeship


Benefits for Organization(s):

  • Improve staff retention
  • Work in partnership with a reputable training provider
  • See rapid improvements in employee performance, productivity, and behaviours that will benefit your organisation


The following is a list of summarised topics and sub-contents (but not limited to) that a DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGER must know and understand upon completion of this programme:


  • Human Resources:
    • Developing, implementing, and managing policies, procedures, and processes for recruitment, selection, contracting, personal/professional development planning, performance management, equality, diversity, grievance, discipline, and whistleblowing
    • Managing rota and absence management while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines


  • Patient Care:
    • Developing and implementing clinical frameworks, guidelines, and processes to establish high-quality patient care/customer service standards, managing the patient journey, and maintaining patient records and databases with up-to-date information, recalls, and governance


  • Clinical:
    • Possessing an understanding and knowledge of all roles within the dental team, a broad understanding of dental diseases, the ability to execute clinical audits, and a comprehensive understanding of dental terminology


  • Marketing:
    • Demonstrating knowledge of the practice’s market, including size, share, competitor profile, effective patient attraction and retention strategies, and representing the practice well in the local community


  • Risk Management:
    • Complying with external regulators’ legal and ethical requirements, including general health and safety, healthcare safety, and information governance related to confidentiality, security, data protection, and access to records


  • Quality Assurance:
    • Knowledge of a Registered Manager’s responsibilities, which include setting high-quality care standards, training the team to meet them, and implementing monitoring systems to ensure continuous improvement through feedback, incidents, and complaints handling


  • Finance:
    • Possessing knowledge on how to collect, use, interpret, and report relevant financial data to establish budgetary and production targets, manage claims, monitor compliance with claim requirements, and meet the expectations of organisational stakeholders


  • Dental Industry:
    • Demonstrating knowledge of requirements for service delivery and remuneration under the National Health Service, service delivery and remuneration for private delivery of dental care, and local/national changes in dental service delivery


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The following is a list of summarised  topics and sub-contents (but not limited to) that a DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGER must be able to do upon completion of this programme:


  • Leadership skills:
    • Showing strong leadership skills in non-clinical matters, including understanding the manager’s role, communicating the organisation’s vision, setting clear goals, supporting personal/professional development, and leading by example
    • Applying strategic thinking at a local/practice level and seeking feedback on workplace performance


  • Management skills:
    • Organising efficient operational practice systems by setting SMART objectives, planning and delegating work, allocating resources efficiently to meet deliverables and deadlines, monitoring, evaluating, and improving individual and team processes, and developing advanced IT skills to meet requirements in the role


  • Communication Skills:
    • Effectively communicating with internal and external stakeholders through negotiating, presenting marketing plans, interpreting data, briefing the work team, and communicating changes.


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The following is a list of summarised topics and sub-contents (but not limited to) on how a DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGER Care must behave or demonstrate upon completion of this programme:


  • Ethical:
    • Demonstrating integrity and moral leadership by committing to the General Dental Council Standards for the Dental Team


  • Professional:
    • Showing fairness, reliability, commitment to service, effective time and self-management, and willingness to help others


  • Commercially Astute:
    • Balancing business focus with patient/customer centricity, managing budgets for practice development and growth, and utilising local knowledge to improve data through practice profiling


  • Passionate:
    • Demonstrating a caring approach toward patients and colleagues and committing to striving for the best at all times


  • Responsible:
    • Demonstrating ownership and accountability for the practice and leading the team, making informed decisions to ensure safety and best practice at all times


  • Reflection and Self Awareness:
    • Maximising impact and influence while working collaboratively with others, demonstrating an understanding of how to bring out the best in each team member.


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