Healthcare Support Worker

12 months
Level 2
Course Overview:


Healthcare Support Workers provide compassionate care in diverse settings like hospitals, General Practices, communities, and homes. They also serve in social care, taking on clinical responsibilities. With integrated health and social care services, their role is expanding. They assist with daily activities, monitor health conditions, and prepare individuals for procedures. They also handle non-clinical tasks, like inquiries and record-keeping. 

Interacting with patients, healthcare professionals, and social care staff, effective communication is vital. Adherence to strict standards and prompt reporting of concerns are essential. They work within their competence and engage in continuous professional development. In health settings, they report to registered healthcare practitioners, while in social care, they report to managers. Healthcare Support Workers play a crucial role in the healthcare team, ensuring high-quality and personalised care while maintaining a safe environment. 


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Entry Requirements:

  • Apprentices without a level 2 qualification in English and maths must achieve this level before taking the End-Point Assessment.
  • For apprentices with an education, health, and care plan or a legacy statement, the minimum English and maths requirement is Entry Level 3.
  • For apprentices whose primary language is British Sign Language (BSL), a BSL qualification can be used as an alternative to the English qualification.


Benefits for Learner(s):

  • Gain a nationally recognized and accredited qualification
  • Earn while learning
  • Access high-quality learning and assessment materials for your employees
  • Receive bespoke support for high-quality “off the job” learning
  • Access support from a qualified assessor / tutor and a Learner Support Advisor (LSA) during scheduled check-ins throughout the apprenticeship


Benefits for Organization(s):

  • Improve staff retention
  • Work in partnership with a reputable training provider
  • See rapid improvements in employee performance, productivity, and behaviours that will benefit your organisation


The following is a list of summarised contents (but not limited to) that a HEALTHCARE SUPPORT WORKER must know and understand upon completion of this programme:

  • Understanding the legislation, policies, standards, and codes of conduct applicable to the role
  • Recognizing the scope of practice and seeking support when needed
  • Implementing person-centred care and support, including promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, and respecting consent and choice
  • Practising duty of care and safeguarding, identifying signs of abuse, and minimising risks
  • Identifying signs of pain, distress, or discomfort in individuals
  • Monitoring changes in health and well-being and effectively reporting them
  • Applying techniques and principles of basic life support
  • Utilising proper tools and equipment to measure physiological states within normal ranges
  • Understanding the importance of prescribed medication and knowing limitations in handling it
  • Promoting hydration, nutrition, and food safety principles


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The following is a list of summarised contents (but not limited to) that a HEALTHCARE SUPPORT WORKER must be able to do upon completion of this programme:

  • Working in accordance with relevant legislation, policies, and codes of conduct
  • Operating within the limits of knowledge and skills, seeking assistance and reporting as necessary
  • Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to deliver person-centred care and support
  • Fulfilling a duty of care, identifying safeguarding concerns, and ensuring individuals’ well-being
  • Recognizing and addressing signs of pain, distress, or discomfort for optimal comfort
  • Monitoring and responding to changes in individuals’ health and well-being
  • Performing basic life support techniques
  • Conducting physiological measurements using appropriate tools and equipment
  • Assisting with the administration of prescribed medication under the guidance of a registered practitioner
  • Promoting access to fluids and nutrition according to care plans


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The following is a list of summarised contents (but not limited to) on how a HEALTHCARE SUPPORT WORKER must behave or demonstrate upon completion of this programme:

  • Treating people with dignity
  • Showing respect and empathy towards those you work with
  • Being adaptable, reliable, and consistent


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