Enrol your staff in an apprenticeship

Looking to advance your staff’s career through Apprenticeship? Look no further than ART Skills Centre.


Why should you consider apprenticeship for your staff?

Apprenticeship is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce.


As an employer you can

Attract individuals that’s eager to learn

You will have access to a pool of enthusiastic learners and apprentices to work with.

Upskill your existing workforce

You are not only investing in growing your company, but you’re also investing in the future of staffs.

Close the skills gap

By training individuals’ in specific skills you need in your business or trade.

Get Financial Rewards

With the government schemes and you may also receive financial rewards for hiring an apprentice into your business.


What our employers are saying

“Being able to witness the progress and achievements of my apprentices has made me understand how guidance can make a difference in a young person’s life.”


Jennifer Coleman

“It’s been so rewarding seeing apprentices I worked with grow in the pursuit of their interests by implementing what they learned from me.”


Charlie Walker


Our mission

At ART Skills Centre, we offer a comprehensive apprenticeship program to help individuals acquire new skills and gain valuable qualifications while connecting them with top employers and businesses. Our expert training, assessments, and support facilitate the process from identifying the right opportunity to successfully completing the program, empowering the learner to unlock their full potential and succeed in their chosen field.

Unlock a hidden potential

Enrol your staff today!